Okuna is a new social network that is currently under construction. "Another social network? Doesn't there already exist enough of them? Another Facebook copycat..." That's what I thought in the beginning. However, Okuna focuses on the user and especially on his privacy. Unlike Facebook and Co., Okuna doesn't track its users or try to earn money with dubious advertisements.

If no advertising, how do they earn money?

Justifiable question. The start of the project was financed by Kickstarter (at that time still under the name Openbook, more about that later). Currently it lives from new bakers via Indiegogo and donations via Patreon. Later on there will be the possibility to pay small amounts of money to content creators via "Tips", with which they can finance themselves.

Okuna or Openbook?

At first the project started under the name Openbook. After the second attempt to finance it in 2019 via Kickstarter was successful and a first prototype of the app was released, Facebook's lawyers suddenly stood at the door and threatened to sue if the word "Book" did not disappear from the name. Facebook has patented the word "Book" for digital platforms. Somewhat... weird. A new name was then sought in the community. And Okuna was chosen.

Current status

In the meantime, the web version at okuna.io has also reached alpha status. The app will be launched shortly and will be available to the general public. But the web version will probably have to wait a while.

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